About membership registration

Registration is free, and there are no subsequent membership fees or annual fees.
Also, by registering your name, address, and phone number on MY PAGE, you can save yourself the trouble of entering your personal information when placing an order, and you can shop online using only your e-mail and password. 

Member benefits
  • Members-only campaign

Other functions for members
  • Check your order history
  • Check point history (You can check the history of point acquisition and usage.)
  • Confirm/change registered information (You can check the information of registered customers.)
  • Add orderer address and shipping address
  • Change password (You can change your registered password.)

About earning and using points

You will earn 1 point for every 100 yen (excluding tax) ordered. (Points will be reflected 7 days after the product is shipped.)
1 point = 1 yen and can be used in 1 point increments.
Points are valid for one year.
Please note that some coupons and points may not be used together. 

About sales price

The sales price listed on the product page includes tax.

About payment

Payment methods available include credit card payment, Amazon Pay, deferred payment (Paidy), convenience store payment, Rakuten Pay, smartphone payment (QR code), au PAY, and cash on delivery payment.

<Credit card payment>
  • VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club
  • Payment method is lump sum payment only.
  • If you order a pre-order item, payment will be made on the spot.

<Amazon Pay>
  • This is a service that allows you to shop using your Amazon registration information.
  • You can pay and order using the credit card information and address registered on Amazon.

  • Even if your order has been completed with Amazon Pay, the payment has not yet been completed, so the order may be canceled depending on the card information used by the customer.
  • In that case, please check the expiration date, insufficient credit, etc., and then try the procedure again.
  • For inquiries regarding Amazon Pay, please contact us here .

<deferred payment (Paidy)>
  • This payment method only requires an email address and mobile phone number.
  • No pre-registration or credit card required. Regardless of the number of purchases made in a month, payments will be consolidated into the following month.

  • The usage amount for one month will be determined on the 1st of the following month and will be notified by email and SMS.
  • The following payment methods are available.
    • Account transfer (payment fee: free)
      Convenience store (payment fee: 356 yen tax included)
      Bank transfer (payment fee: varies depending on the financial institution)

<Convenience store payment>
  • Convenience stores where you can pay are:
    Lawson / Family Mart / Ministop / Daily Yamazaki / Seicomart.
  • Please make your payment by the third day, with the first day being the day after your order is received.
    Your order will be confirmed upon payment of the product price.
  • *You will receive a payment information email from the payment system "KOMOJU" and "".
  • The payment fee of 190 yen (tax included) will be borne by the customer.
  • Please note that if the payment deadline has passed and payment cannot be confirmed, we will cancel your order.

<Rakuten Pay>
  • You can make smooth payments using your Rakuten ID and password.
  • *Rakuten Points can only be earned when paying with Rakuten Card, Rakuten Points, or Rakuten Cash.

<Smartphone payment (QR code)>
  • You can use PayPay, LINE Pay, and Merpay.
  • Separate payment information must be entered.

<au PAY>
  • With au PAY, you can make payments using electronic money (au PAY balance) that you have charged in advance.
  • Separate payment information must be entered.
  • Payment can only be made in one lump sum based on the remaining balance, and the service cannot be used if there is insufficient balance.

<Cash on delivery payment>
  • This is a delivery method where you pay the driver for the product when it arrives.
  • *Separately, the following cash on delivery fee will be charged.

    The following amount will be added to the product price and shipping fee on the invoice.
Total amount (tax included) Fee (tax included)
Less than 10,000 yen 330 yen
10,000 yen or more - less than 30,000 yen 440 yen
30,000 yen or more - less than 100,000 yen 660 yen
100,000 yen or more 1,100 yen

about shipping cost

The product will be shipped by Sagawa Express.
Shipping fee: 660 yen *Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands 1,320 yen (tax included).
Free shipping for purchases over 30,000 yen (tax included).

About delivery date

Usually, we will ship your order via Sagawa Express within 2-5 business days after receiving your order.

<About specifying the delivery date>
If you would like to specify a delivery date and time, please select your desired date and time on the cart page.
*You cannot specify the delivery date and time on the purchase procedure screen (checkout screen). Please be sure to complete your input on the cart screen first.

When the product is shipped, we will send you the Sagawa Express shipping number via email.
Please feel free to contact us using the form below.

Sagawa Express delivery number inquiry

<About specifying delivery time>
Morning (8:00-12:00)

Regarding order cancellation/changes

As a general rule, we cannot accept cancellations or changes to the order details after the order has been confirmed.
Please consider your order carefully before confirming your order.

About returns and exchanges

Our policy regarding product returns and exchanges is as follows.

1. If the product you purchased is defective 
In the unlikely event that the product you purchased is defective or defective, we will confirm the defect and promptly provide a replacement or refund. 

Please contact customer support ( within 7 days of receiving the product. To ensure a smooth response, we would appreciate it if you could send us your order number, product details, and a photo of the defective part. Once you contact us, we will provide you with instructions on how to return the item.
Please note that we will not be able to accept returns after 8 days from receiving the product.
We will bear the shipping costs associated with returning the item. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please return the item by cash on delivery.
In the unlikely event that the same product is out of stock, we will issue a refund.
Refunds will be processed after checking the returned product.

*Products purchased from sources other than this site cannot be directly returned or exchanged. Please contact the store where you purchased the product.

2. Regarding returns and exchanges of non-defective products <br>As a general rule, we cannot accept returns of non-defective products due to the customer's convenience.

About use of the site

This site recommends the following OS and browser versions.

<If using Windows>
Recommended OS: Windows 8 or later Recommended browser: Google Chrome latest version, Microsoft Internet Explorer latest version, Mozilla FireFox latest version

<If using Macintosh>
Recommended OS: Mac OS X 10.6 or later Recommended browser: Mozilla FireFox latest version, Safari latest version, Google Chrome latest version

Please also enable JavaScript before using this site.
This site uses SSL (encrypted communication technology) on pages that handle personal information.

About the domain of the sender email

Notifications regarding your order will be sent via email from the domain below.
・ (for payment)
If you want to configure email reception settings for each domain, please set the above domain.


For inquiries regarding products, please contact us via email.
Please contact us using the email form below.

Contact Us

Inquiry reception hours: Weekdays 10:00-17:00
(Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and our company holidays)
As a general rule, we will respond within 3 business days based on the above dates and times.